USSA SuperTour Finals and L.L. Bean U.S. Long Distance National Championships

Craftsbury Outdoor Center :: March 23-28, 2018

Registration / Fees



Early (lower-cost) SuperTour Finals entry fees will be available until the end of the day - midnight - on Sunday, March 11, 2018. SuperTour Finals Registration will remain open until noon on Sunday, March 20th, at which point any additional entries will be at the discretion of the race jury only.

Similarly, early/lower-cost entry fees will remain in effect for the US Championship 30/50k Classic Mass Start until the end of the day - midnight - on Monday, March 19. Late-fee registration will remain open until noon on Thursday, March 22, at which point any additional entries will be at the discretion of the race jury only.


SuperTour Finals:
1 race:  $45 prior to midnight, March 19; $60 thru noon on March 22 (Juniors only interested in contesting the Junior sprint, use this option for registration)
All 4 races:  $150; $175

Racers who need to add races, scratch or make other changes, please email our Race Secretary. Thanks!

SuperTour License requirements:
Races are open to any skier, whether or not they hold a USSA, FIS, other license - or even none at all. This is also true for juniors competing in the sprint event. However:

  • A skier will not receive any USSA points unless they hold a USSA license - same for FIS:  no license = no points.
  • Monetary awards can be given only to skiers who hold FIS licenses.
  • Monetary awards declined by athletes due to academic standards go back to the organizer and do not trickle down.
  • All points, seeding and payouts are based on the athlete's current license. Athlete must appear on most recent points list.
  • All skiers are eligible to be on podium.

Long Distance Nationals License requirements:
For the women's 30k on Tuesday, March 27 and the men's 50k on Wednesday, March 28, all participants must be USSA current license holders if a US citizen, or a current FIS license holder if foreign national. Anyone recently receiving their license must be prepared to provide proof (i.e. shown your card) at registration, as you will not show up on current point lists. All participants are eligible for overall 30/50k podiums, but only USSA license holders are eligible for the National Championship podium.

Junior Distance License requirements:
No USSA or FIS license is necessary to participate in the junior distance races; however, athletes without either license will be seeded at the back of the chevron and will NOT be eligible for points. Registration for the junior event at distance Nationals is a separate item at

It is worth noting that interested juniors can compete in the open 30/50k races if they wish. In that case, they will need either a USSA or FIS license, just like the rest of the competitors as described above.


In the case of race cancellation, 50% of registration fees will be refunded. Registration fees are otherwise non-refundable (except in the case of medical emergency).