U.S. Ski & Snowbard SuperTour Finals and L.L. Bean U.S. Long Distance National Championships

Craftsbury Outdoor Center :: March 23-28, 2018


2016 03 21 JLaz W10kPod
20160319 DfC 426

Women's podium (from L): Phinney, Sargent, Caldwell, Mooney in the wooden medal position.

20160319 DfC 391

Men's podium (from L): Havlick, Johnson, Michaud, Brown with the wooden medal.

20160319 DfC 256

Hole shot.

Outdoor Gear Exchange Dash for Cash Results

Last Updated: 19.Mar.2016

Some amazing racing today, with the new and improved sprint course, with features not seen before! Your 2016 Outdoor Gear Exchange Dash for Cash sprint results.

1 - Matt Johnson
2 - Miles Havlick
3 - Nick Michaud

1 - Ida Sargent
2 - Kelsey Phinney
3 - Sophie Caldwell

Full results to come, and watch our Facebook page for a gallery.