U.S. Ski & Snowbard SuperTour Finals and L.L. Bean U.S. Long Distance National Championships

Craftsbury Outdoor Center :: March 23-28, 2018

Dash for Cash

20160319 DfC 252

Canceled due to lack of interest.

The Dash for Cash returns! In 2018 we're keeping things interesting by holding an invitational team spring obstacle course relay! 

Come out to watch the excitement on Wednesday, March 21st at 5:45pm, just after the conclusion of this year's Fast and Female Champ Chat.

This year the Dash for Cash will be a mixed-gender team sprint. The 20 fastest male/female pairs from clubs across the US and Canada will compete in a fast and furious obstacle course, with the winning team taking home the entirety of the pot. 

While ultimately snow conditions will determine the layout of the race course and the featured obstacles, racers can expect something akin to the following: 

- A Le Mans start up Teaching Hill (click the link if you are unfamiliar with a Le Mans start)

- Mandatory jump of a line of v-board

- Backwards skiing zone

- Ski limbo

- Bean bag biathlon (2 chances to land a bean bag in a bucket or else 5 penalty pushups are required to continue)

- More features as snow allows

To enter, fill out the entry form. Entry fee is $10 per team, payable in cash on site. No cash, no entry. Winning team takes all. We will fill up to 20 teams. If we don't get 10 entries, the event will be canceled.